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CBO Player Release/Acceptance/Approval Form

This form to be used when a player is requesting to be released from CBO to transfer to another organization or joining CBO from another organization.

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Team jumping by players and Team stacking by coaches/parents are discouraged and punishable by a 1 year (calendar year) suspension.

1.  Players wishing to change teams/organizations/leagues must sit out 1 year from the date they are dropped by their original team/organization/league. All player drops must be filed with CBOSL within 30 days of the date of drop. All players transferring to teams/organizations belonging to another league must obtain their release from CBOSL.

2.  Written appeals to the 1 year suspension can be made to the CBOSL Board.  ONLY appeals based on severe non-basketball-playing related issues will be considered.  Examples of severe non-basketball-playing issues include, but are not limited to, a player moving to a new area (proof of move or school records may be required), player’s safety concerns.  All basketball-playing related issues such as, but not limited to, coaching changes, playing time and conflicting parent/coaching philosophies will NOT be considered for appeal and the player will have to serve the suspension.

3.  Players on teams which have disbanded (teams falling below the 7 player minimum) may play on new teams without serving the 1 year suspension.  However, all players who dropped from the team, causing the team to disband, must serve the 1 year suspension.

4.  Coaches judged guilty of Team Stacking or Player Raids will be suspended for 1 year.