Prep Division

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PREP DIVISION - Boys participating in high school basketball shall not be eligible to participate concurrently in the CBOSL/CYC Prep League if such participation violates their current high school rules.


      I.         EQUIPMENT

A.     Team Uniforms; See General Rules


B.     Basketball

1)    Men’s 29.5” regulation size ball.

2)    Both teams will provide a game ball. Referee will determine which ball to use.


    II.         PLAYING RULES

A.     Unless otherwise specified, the game will be played under the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) basketball rules.


B.     Length of Game  

1)    All games will be 20 minutes running time per half with the exception of the last 15 seconds of the first half and the last two minutes of the 2nd half. 

2)    There will be maximum 5 minutes between halves. 


C.     No shot clock.


D.    Each player must play a minimum 5 consecutive minutes per half.


E.     Back Court Press allowed at all times.


F.     3 point field goal allowed only when line is permanently marked.


G.     Stop Time

1)    Last 15 seconds of the first half will be stop time.

2)    At the 2 minute mark of the 2nd half, if the point differential is  20 pts. or less, stop time will remain on for the remainder of the game regardless of point differential.

3)    Free Throws.

a)    During stop time, the clock will start when a player touches the ball on a missed free throw.

b)    Time starts when player touches the ball on the in-bound pass after a made free throw.


H.    Time Outs

1)    Two (2) full and two (2) 30-second time outs will be allotted each team for each game.

2)    Time outs can be called from the coach or players on the court.


I.      Fouls

1)    Bonus Fouls. 1 + 1 on the 7th team foul per half.

2)    Double Bonus on the 10th team foul, automatic 2 free throws.

3)    Offensive Foul- Counts as personal and team foul but non-shooting foul.

4)    A technical foul is counted as a personal foul and a team foul.

5)    Technical fouls assessed against player for a rule violation (such as an improper uniform) will be counted as a team technical not as a player technical for purpose of player disqualification or suspension.

6)    Intentional and Flagrant Fouls are counted as personal fouls. 

7)    Flagrant fouls are also counted as team technical fouls. 

a)    The fouled player will receive two free throws, while all other players must stand behind the half-court line.

8)    Intentional and Flagrant Fouls are defined as follows:

a)    Intentional Foul – Contact away from the ball or when not making a legitimate attempt to play the ball or a player, specifically designed to stop or keep the clock from starting.  Intentional fouls may or may not be premeditated and are not based solely on the severity of the act.  A foul also shall be ruled intentional if while playing the ball a player causes excessive contact with an opponent.

b)    Flagrant Foul – Unnecessary or excessive contact against an opposing player with intent to harm the opponent in a violent or savage nature, or displays unacceptable conduct. The player who committed the foul will be ejected from the game and is subject to the same penalty as Fighting.


J.      Coaches

1)    No more than 2 coaches allowed on the bench.

2)    One coach is allowed to stand, remaining coach must be seated. 

3)    One coach must be over 18 years old.


  III.         Free Throws

A.     Free Throw Line

1)    Regulation line.

2)    Shooter may not cross the line.

3)    NOTE. 2009 NFHS RULE CHANGE. Players will not occupy lane space closest to the baseline on free throws.


  IV.         Overtime Period

A.     Games tied at the end of regulation time will be decided by a 2-minute overtime period. 2nd overtime will be sudden death.

1)    Overtime

a)    Back court press allowed.

b)    Jump ball to start overtime period.

c)     Overtime will be played stop time.

d)    Each team will be allowed one time out. No carry over from regulation.

2)    Sudden Death

a)    Back court press allowed.

b)    Jump ball to start sudden death period.

c)     First score wins the game.

d)    No time outs.





    V.         Borrowing Players

A.     To avoid a forfeit, Prep teams JAL-9 thru Sr-12 will be allowed to borrow four (4) players to field a team of 8.

B.     Borrowed player must be on the roster of a team that is officially entered in the current CBO season being played. 

C.     Prep Teams may borrow players in the order found on Tables 3, 4, & 5 below.



Table 3



Table 4




Table 5