Gym Monitor Responsibilities


CBO Sports League

Contact Information

Head Commissioner:  Ron Sugano

Referee Coordinator: Johan Saito, Kenny Woo, Eshter Hsu 

Statistician:  Denise Tanaka


Gym Monitor Dutties


• For the first game of day, arrive 30 mins before to setup.  

• For all other games, arrive at least 15 mins before. 


Setup scorekeepers table – 

• Table – bring table from foyer if it is not already set-up. 

• Extension cord run along player’s bleachers. 

• Place Scoreboard and Gym Book on table.


• Verify scorekeeper has arrived. 


Verify referees have arrived. If both referees are absent, call Kenny Woo (310)210-4203 or  John Saito (323)528-9026. 

• At beginning of each referee shift, remind the referees about the different rules for  each grade(refer to the gym book for rules by grade). 

• Start game with one referee, no later than 10 mins after the hour.

Before/between  games

• Gather score and timer sheets from each team.  

• Ask about missing & borrowed players (see rules).  

• Make sure that the Coaches on the bench are on the approved list.


• Assist scorekeeper watch game & keep the games running on time by cutting down  half-time and warm-ups.  

• Monitor the timer’s sheet – each player must plays 5 consecutive mins per half. If a  player is late and there is less than 5 mins left, just have him wait until the next half to  play. 

• CBO has a no tolerance policy. Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a technical foul  & a minimum 1 game suspension. (Referees & Gym Monitors have the authority to  give technical fouls.) 

• Fill out an incident report if any problems – forfeit, technical fouls, injuries.  • Get Referee to sign each team’s scoresheet and sportsmanship sheet after each game.


• Pay referees & scorekeepers at the end of their shift.  

• 1st-2nd grade should have ONE Referee and are paid $35/game.  

• 3rd-8th grade should have 2 Referees and each are paid $30/game (If there is only 1  Referee it is $45/game). 

• Scorekeepers are paid $18/game.

Last Game 

• Pack up scoreboard, extension cord & gym book. 

• Put table back in the foyer.  

• Report all technical fouls and incidents to the CBO Board within 24 hours. • Update the Team Snap Tournament App with the scores. 

• Scan the Scoresheet and Sportsmanship ballot and email them to Denise Tanaka  ( within 24 hours.