Gym Monitor Responsibilities


CBO Sports League

Contact Information

Head Commissioner: Jack Hung

Referee Coordinator:

Statistician: Denise Tanaka

Gym Monitor Responsibilities

Required Items and Equipment

Gym notebook - items contained in notebook should include:

    • Current CBO Sports League Contact Information

    • Current CBO rules (general and grade specific)

    • Current CBO Commissioner Contact List

    • Copies of current rosters of all CBO teams

    • Blank copies of scoresheets and timesheets

    • Blank copies of sportsmanship ballot

    • Copy of gym permit

Blank paper, marking pen and tape to be able to post notices of game cancellations or gym changes.

Schedule of games being played in gym.

Scoreboard and extension cord.

Instant Ice packs

Documentation Requirements

All documentation should be included in the comment section of the scoresheet and/or incident report. Examples of situations where documentation is required include (but not limited to) issues of decorum, technical fouls, forfeitures, protests, serious injury and disturbances. The gym monitor will make a notation on the scoresheet of any pertinent information in regards to any technical fouls or disturbances at the gym. The appropriate CBO commissioner should be notified immediately after the incident occurs. It is important to know the reason for the technical fouls and to whom it is charged. This can result in suspension of the person to whom the technical was assessed. Forfeitures will result in a fine being imposed on the forfeiting team. If you are unsure of whether a situation should be documented, err on the side of more information by including it on the scoresheets.

Disturbances – Intervene only in disturbances involving CBO participates and/or spectators. All other matters (and situations that are beyond your responsibilities) should be referred to the Youth Services facilities director and/or police. Make sure that pertinent information is documented on the scoresheet or incident report such as who received the technical and why, or any information that would describe any incident that occurred. The CBO Head Commissioner should be informed as soon as possible.

Gym Responsibilities

Set up and Pre-game

· If opening a gym, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to 1st game scheduled game to setup. Youth Services facilities directors are only responsible for being at the gym for the scheduled permit time and may not arrive until the time of the first scheduled game. If at time of the first scheduled game is to start and the gym is not open or there is not a scorekeeper or referee present call the CBO Head Commissioner ASAP so that appropriate action can be taken.

· Help set up scorekeeper’s table and team benches.

· Referees should show up 10 minutes before game time. If they do not show up 5 minutes after start time, start the game with one referee and call John Saito or Kenny Woo on the call list.

· Scorekeepers should show up at least 15 min before start of the game. If not, call them….games need to run on time. If scorekeeper does not show up by game time, gym monitor will need to start the game and keep score.

· Inform referees before the game starts if there are any special rules applicable per CBO rules. (i.e. certain age groups/divisions no back court pressing, follow thru on free throws, etc.) Make sure the referees are also familiar with any rules that are particular to your division.

· Ensure games start on time.

· Declaring a forfeit (VI.A.1.a) – team 10 minutes late – teams must have 5 players on the floor ready to play; teams may borrow one player from a lower division to make a 5-man team and avoid forfeit. If game is declared a forfeit, make notation on scoresheet. Forfeitures will result in a fine being imposed on the forfeiting team. Teams are not allowed to scrimmage after a forfeit has been declared.

Game Time

· Sit near scorekeepers to assist with any situations that may arise.

· Assist scorekeeper as necessary. Make sure scorekeeper knows the rules for that division, since rules differ between divisions.

· Observe scorekeeper to make sure all scores are documented.

· Check on the 5 consecutive minutes rule before end of each half, inform coaches if necessary (scorekeeper usually handles)

· Keep coaches and spectators away from the score table.

· Participate in protest resolution if required. Referees have final determination in the outcome of the game.

· In the case of protests, get statements from both coaches and referees

· Complete incident report as required (decorum related technical fouls, serious injury and disturbances).


· At the end of each game, collect score sheets (make sure scoresheets are correct, ie: total scores, any technical fouls should be recorded, referee signatures, etc) and have referees complete sportsmanship ballot.

· Retain all score sheets and sportsmanship ballots. These need to be turned in to statistician.

· Pay scorekeepers and referees.

· Referees that work games by themselves get 1.5 times normal rate.

· If closing, collect up equipment and pack gym bag. Ensure gym bag is stocked (contact your CBO commissioner if you need supplies) and gets back to the gym the next weekend.

· Close up (Clean up, push back bleachers). After the last scheduled game, please inform the teams that they may have to vacate the premises as soon as possible if the time is later than gym permit allows.

Reporting Responsibilities

· Report all game scores to statistician thru email at the end of the day.

· Mail score sheets and sportsmanship ballots to statistician.

Representing CBO

Remember that you are the gym monitor and represent CBO. What you do, and how you do it, reflects on the entire organization and impacts CBO’s ability to continue to operate. It is your responsibility to:

· Be familiar with your division rules.

· Ensure things in the gym run smoothly.

· Answer general questions. Questions involving detail can be deferred to CBO commissioners.

· Resolve minor disputes; Immediately report any incidents or filed protests to CBO commissioner.

· Ensure the gym remains clean. Leave it cleaner than when you entered it.

· Ensure there is no trash left behind by the League participants. Each team is to take home their own trash.

· Enforce the no eating or drinking rule in the gym. Players are allowed water at the bench.

· Enforce no skateboards, heelys, roller blades, Razor scooters, skates on campus and especially on the gym floor. Periodically check the restrooms and areas around the gym for problems.

· Enforce the no smoking rule on campus grounds including the parking lot. Violations can result of having all permits revoked.