Scholarship winners for 2022-2023.

a.     Hank Quok Award: Trevor Lee

b.     Paul Suzuki Award: Troy Kadonaga

c.      Mary Woo Award: Andy Okazaki

d.     Mary Woo Award: Grant Ogata 


Hank Quock Award ($1,500)

Paul Suzuki Memorial Award ($1,000) 

Mary Woo Excellence in Community Service Award ($1,000)

The vision, dedication and hard work of pioneers like Hank Quock, Paul Suzuki, and Mary Woo are often forgotten or unknown by today’s CBO Sports League participants. Youth sports leagues cannot exist without a gym to play in nor devoted officials to referee the games. It is a testament to these pioneers that Asian American youth sports leagues have endured for over half a century and have become the envy of other sports leagues. Their effort has touched generations of young people and continues to offer a venue in which to participate in competitive sports while learning the values of friendship, commitment, and sportsmanship. With this acknowledgement the CBO Sport League awards three scholarships to graduating seniors.  

Hank Quock Award ($1,500)

As an active member of the Crescent Bay Optimist Club since 1967, Hank Quock has dedicated the past 55 years participating and supporting the many endeavors of the Crescent Bay Optimist Club. 

 Founded in 1964, the Crescent Bay Optimist Club (CBOC) is affiliated with Optimist International, a world renown organization. Optimist clubs throughout the world are dedicated to the scholastic, physical, moral and civic development of the youths in every community. Today, known as the "Friend of Youths," more than 150,000 members in over 3900 clubs continue to serve their communities with innovative programs that meet the needs of a rapidly changing society. CBOC serves the Los Angeles area and focuses on assisting young people to achieve high moral objectives, community involvement, interest in civic and governmental affairs, and an overall optimistic attitude as a way of life.

 Hank, along with other original members of CBOC, were instrumental in establishing what is now known as the Crescent Bay Optimist Sports League.  It was through their vision, hard work and dedication that the CBO Sports league has been able to continue to provide Asian Americans in So Cal with the opportunity to play sports in an environment that emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork and community over winning and personal achievements. 

 As a past president of CBOC several times over, at age 95 Hank continues to support CBO not only as an active member but also as a member of its board.  It is only fitting that a scholarship be named in honor of Hank Quock for his lifetime commitment and support of the Crescent Bay Optimist Club.

The recipient of the Hank Quock Scholarship is presented to the Outstanding CBO Senior Academic Athlete.

Paul Suzuki Memorial Award ($1,000) 

The CBO Sports League established the Paul Suzuki Memorial Scholarship to honor his dedication to Japanese American sports leagues.  Mr. Suzuki was an early official in the Nisei Athletic Union (NAU), a Japanese American sports league founded after World War II, officiating baseball, softball as well as basketball games.

When the Community Youth Council (CYC) started in the 1950s and the Crescent Bay Optimist (CBO) in the 1960s, Mr. Suzuki took on the responsibility of finding and assigning qualified officials for both Asian American youth sports leagues.  Although he was a trustee of the CYC youth sports league, Mr. Suzuki was instrumental in helping the CBO Sports League get established.  He was quoted as saying, “We all worked together to get the youth leagues off the ground.”

The recipient of the Paul Suzuki Memorial Scholarship is presented to the Distinguished CBO Senior Academic Athlete

Mary Woo Excellence in Community Service Award ($1,000) 

The CBO Sports League Award was renamed in memory of Mary Woo in 2016 to honor her commitment to youth basketball and her tireless efforts in supporting it. 

Mrs Woo's involvement in Asian America youth basketball started in 1982 when she volunteered to be the parent representative for her son's team in the West Los Angeles Youth Club (WLAYC) This led to her becoming the boys commissioner and a member of the WLAYC Board of Directors.  In 1991 she became a Crescent Bay Optimist Sports League (CBO) commissioner and continued to serve both organizations for another 25 years until she passed away in 2016. While she filled many roles, she was instrumental in securing gym space, scheduling referees, arranging for team awards as well as providing her invaluable advice to the CBO Board.  

Her commitment to the youth of our community has given thousands of children the opportunity to learn sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for others in a safe and secure environment.  Mrs Woo was an example of how much the unselfish efforts of just one person can help so many.

The Mary Woo Excellence in Community Service Award is presented to the CBO Senior Athlete that best exemplifies the qualities of Mrs Woo, including a dedication to community service, exceptional leadership skills as well as scholastic achievement.


A completed application packet must be received by:

JANUARY 14TH, 2024

Applications postmarked after this date will not be considered. Please email completed applications, transcript, letters of recommendation, and senior picture to: 

If you have any questions or concerns or need a mailing address, please feel free to contact us at  


1. Have played a minimum of 5 years in the CBO Sports League, grades 3rd -12th. 

2. Graduate in June 2024 and have an overall, weighted grade point average of at least 3.0. GPA shall be based on the final grades received in the 10th and 11th grades and the 1st semester of the 12th grade. Please include a copy of the transcript with the application. 

3. Completed at least 40 hours of community service. 

4. Submit a letter of recommendation from a qualified school official (any active teacher or counselor) or an unrelated adult (coach, minister, professional, supervisor, etc.). 

5. Submit a wallet sized or scanned senior picture (to be used on website). The photo will not be returned. 

6. Participate in a 15 minute interview conducted by the CBO Scholarship Committee.  Eligible applicants will be notified of this date.