CBO Sportsmanship Award

The CBO Sportsmanship Award will go to the team that receives the highest “Referee voted score” during the season. Referees will grade each team after each game. They will grade each team’s Coaches, Players and Parents giving each a letter grade:

A- Excellent 4 points

B- Above average 3 points

C- Average 2 points

D- Below Average 1 point

F- Fail 0 points

The maximum points a team can earn from each referee is 12 points, with two referee per game a team can earn 24 points in one game, the lowest they can earn is 0 points. The points are cumulative throughout the season with the team with the most points at the end of the season winning the award. If teams play different amounts of games, then the total points will be divided by the # of games each team played then the team with the highest average shall receive the award. If only one referee officiates a game then their grades will count as double points. During the season, sportsmanship points can be displayed alongside a team’s won-loss record in the standings to, perhaps, encourage better behavior. Teams coming in first or second place, and already receiving an award, are ineligible to also receive the sportsmanship award. However, they should be given recognition at the Jamboree for the accomplishment.

It will be the attending gym monitor’s responsibility to present the sportsmanship ballot to the referees after each game. Once completed, the ballots should be given to the scorekeeper to keep along with the score sheet of the game. Sportsmanship ballots should be kept confidential from either team.

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Date: ________________ Gym_________________

Teams: ___________________________________________

A-Excellent 4 pts, B-Above Avg. 3 pts, C- Average 2 pts, D- Below Avg. 1 pt, F-Fail 0 pt.

TEAM: ___________________________________

PLAYERS: _________ PLAYERS: ____________

COACHES: ________ COACHES: ____________

PARENTS: _________ PARENTS: ____________

TOTAL: _________ TOTAL: _____________

TEAM TOTAL: _____________

TEAM: ____________________________________

PLAYERS: __________ PLAYERS: ___________

COACHES: __________ COACHES: ___________

PARENTS: __________ PARENTS: ____________

TOTAL: __________ TOTAL: ____________

TEAM TOTAL ______________

Additional comments: _____________________________________________________