2nd Grade

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 Updated 10/10/16 v.5

     I.         EQUIPMENT

A.     Team Uniforms; see General Rules


B.     Basket Height; Regulation 10 ft.


C.     Basketball

1)     Junior 27”-27.5” size ball.

2)     Both teams will provide a game ball. Referee will determine which ball to use.


   II.         REFEREES

A.     One instructional referee will be provided.



A.     Unless otherwise specified, the game will be played under the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) basketball rules.


B.     No score or standings will be kept.


C.     Length of Game 

1)     All games will be 20 minutes running time per half.

2)     There will be a maximum 5 minutes between halves.

3)     Players must play 5 consecutive minutes per half.

4)     Play will stop every 5 minutes for substitutions only.


D.    Back Court

1)     Ten second rule applies.

2)     Once a team is in full control of the ball in the backcourt (referee’s judgment), no pressing or guarding any offensive player in the backcourt.

3)     The offensive team must be allowed one full step into the frontcourt with complete control of the ball before he can be guarded

4)     If such a violation occurs, the referee will issue a warning to the defensive team. 

5)     On the second violation, a technical foul may be assessed on the defensive team.

6)     Time out in the backcourt

a)     If a time out is called while in the backcourt, the 10-second back court count will resume from where it left off (when the ball is put back into play).


E.     No 3 point field goals.


F.     Time Outs

1)     3 Full Time outs

2)     Time outs can only be called by a coach.


G.    Free Throws

1)     Bottom of circle.

2)     Shooter may cross on follow through without the intent to gain rebound advantage.


H.    Fouls

1)     Players will line up for free throws on all shooting fouls only.

2)     Players do not foul out.


I.      Technical/Flagrant Fouls-Player will sit out a minimum of 5 minutes.


J.      Fast Break

1)     Unless agreed to by both coaches prior to the start of the game, there will be no fast break.

K.     No more than 3 coaches allowed on the bench. One of the three coaches must be over 18 years old.


L.     No shot clock.


 IV.         Borrowing Players   

A.     May borrow players from same grade or 1 division lower.

B.     Borrowed player must be on the official roster of a team that is entered in the current CBO season being played