Sure Shot - Coach Guidelines

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Updated 10/10/16 v.5  

I.         Team Ethic

A.     During practice, teach fundamentals and application to game.  The better they know the skills, the more fun they will have.

B.     Always stress good fundamentals, no blocking, running into players, or doing whatever possible to get the ball. 

C.     Develop a positive team attitude – high 5’s, etc.

D.    Emphasize good sportsmanship.


   II.         BASIC FUNDAMENTALS - Sure Shot is an instructional basketball league. Here are a few basics the players should learn in Sure Shots.

A.     Footwork - very important!

1)     Balance - show how far feet apart with knees bent and weight at rear.

2)     Defensive stance; low with feet apart.

3)     Slide step; emphasize sliding and not hopping.

4)     Running backwards

5)     Pivot


B.     Dribbling

1)     Keep head up and not look down.

2)     All exercises should be right and left hands except shooting. (They are too young and will be too frustrated.)

3)     Knees bent low and dribbling low.

4)     Use fingertips with a pushing motion.


C.     Passing

1)     Chest pass - step into it with knees bent and hands should be turned outward.

2)     Bounce pass.

3)     Overhead pass.

4)     Push pass.

5)     Teach when to use these passes.


D.    Receiving the pass.

1)     Move toward the ball.

2)     Protect it from defense.

3)     Teach to bring ball toward the body.


E.     Shooting

1)     Teach position - right hand with left hand as guide, knees bent, elbow pointing to target. Use “waiter” position. Shoulder square to target.

2)     Shooting - flick wrist and follow through. Power comes from bent knees.

3)     Possible drills:  form 2 lines and have players shoot at each other.






F.     Lay Ups (Suggestions)

1)     Start with hand lay up without ball and no dribbling.

2)     Add hand lay-up with ball and no dribbling.

3)     Add dribbling.

4)     Don’t forget the backboard.


G.    Rebounding

1)     Follow shot for rebound.

2)     Position – knees bent and hands up, block opponent out.

3)     Protect ball with 2 hands against chest.

4)     Look for outlet pass.


H.    Offense Skills

1)     Define player’s position.

2)     Teach proper passing.  Remember – receiving the pass is difficult for some.

3)     Ball handlers – dribble, and shoot or pass.

4)     Other players – important to stress that they help their neighbors.  Only neighbors help, not the entire team.

5)     Teach how to protect ball.

6)     Transition quickly back to defense.


I.      Defense Skills

1)     Defense stance – emphasize sliding and not crossing feet.

2)     Position between man and basket.

3)     Define each man’s position and guarding area.


5)     Grab ball if possible to force jump ball.

6)     DO NOT REACH IN for ball around player.  Explain.


J.      Rules

1)      Explain rules as situation arises. 

2)      Don’t forget to show players “key” etc.


These are just a few suggestions.  You, as coach, know best how to teach these Sure Shot players the fundamentals.  A big THANK YOU for all your time and patience in starting these players on the road to the fun and development that basketball can offer.