Sure Shots Rules

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Updated 11/01/17 v.6  

     I.         GOALS

A.     The goal of the Sure Shots is to introduce children in Kindergarten and 1st grade to the game of basketball.  The emphasis is never on winning or scoring, but on having fun while learning the fundamentals and the rules of the game.  Special emphasis is also placed on sportsmanship, both on and off the court.  With this in mind, coaches, parents and spectators should be aware that their actions are often imitated by young, impressionable children and they should therefore act accordingly.


B.     Self-respect, discipline, dedication, confidence, humility, compassion, understanding and respect for others are attributes that CBO strives to instill in all Sure Shots participants.


C.     CBO recommends that each team be limited to approximately ten (10) players in order to give everyone sufficient time to gain a “hands on” learning experience.


D.    Coaches, parents and spectators should refrain from counting baskets or points, even informally.  No statements should be made relating to who “won or lost” the game.  No scores or stats are to be kept.


E.     When playing a weaker team, coaches should consider allowing their own weaker players to have greater playing time or to position their weaker players at the more active positions (i.e. shooting positions or point guard position).


   II.         EQUIPMENT

A.     Team Uniforms; see General Rules.


B.     Basketball

1)     Junior 27”-27.5” size ball.

2)     Both teams will provide a game ball. Referee will determine which ball to use.


C.     Basket Height; 8ft. – 8 1/2ft.


 III.         REFEREES

A.     SS-K

No referee provided, each team will provide one coach to act as referees.

B.     SS-1

One instructional referee will be provided



A.     Score Keeping

1)     No score is kept, only time keeping and the possession arrow will be used.


B.     Time Keeping & Possession Arrow

1)     The host gym’s team shall provide a time keeper during games they are playing.

2)     If a host gym’s team is not playing, the home team shall provide a volunteer timekeeper unless otherwise specified by the host gym.


C.     Length of game

1)     There are two twenty minute halves with a three minute break between halves.

2)     The clock shall stop every five minutes to allow for substitutions.

3)     Every player shall play at a minimum of five (5) consecutive minutes during each half. 


D.    Time Outs

1)     Three 30 sec. time outs are allowed per team per game.

2)     Only coaches may call a time out.

E.     Coaches

1)     Up to 2 coaches are allowed on the floor to instruct/coach the players.

2)     Up to 2 additional coaches are also allowed on the bench.


F.     Fast Breaks

1)     SS-K; Fast breaks are not allowed in this division at any time.

2)     SS-1; Fast breaks are allowed in 2nd half only. Both head coaches must agree prior to the start of the 2nd half and inform the referee.


G.    For every Sure Shots game, a neutral zone exists, in which no defensive pressure of any kind can be applied.  The neutral zone is the region starting at the base line on the far end of the court and ending on the imaginary line at the top of the key which is parallel to the half-court line (see diagram below).


H.    There shall be no attempts to intercept passes which are initiated by a player who is anywhere in the neutral zone.  

1)     Plays designed to abuse this rule are not allowed. (You cannot use this rule to constantly feed the ball to the center, or similar plays that ignore the spirit of this rule.)


I.      There shall be no attempt to block shots which are taken from anywhere in the neutral zone.


J.      Steals are only permitted when a player is dribbling and outside of the neutral zone.


K.     Fouls should be called on overly aggressive plays or when there is unnecessary physical contact. 

1)     If a player commits a flagrant foul (pushing, tripping, etc.), that player will be taken out of the game for at least five (5) minutes.


L.     Free throws are optional. 

1)     Free Throws shall be taken from the bottom of the dashed circle or in that approximate vicinity if there is no line marking (see diagram below).

2)     The shooter shall be allowed to cross over the line on follow through without the intent to gain rebound advantage.


M.   Excessive traveling, excessive double dribbling, or stepping out of bounds are not allowed.  Referees should use their discretion as to when to call these penalties in order to balance the goals of keeping play stoppage to a reasonable level while correcting players to the degree they feel is appropriate to their skill level.


N.    Players must take the ball out from behind the inbound lines after each basket, time out, or penalty.


O.    Taunting or any other unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after a game shall not be tolerated.  Coaches shall at all times be accountable for the conduct of their players.


P.     Unless specified to the contrary above, CBO’s standard rules of basketball apply.


   V.         Borrowing Players   


A.     May borrow players from same grade or 1 division lower.

B.     Borrowed player must be on the official roster of a team that is entered in the current CBO season being played.